Payment Options and Credit

At Smile Again in addition to cash we of course accept all major credit cards and Health Fund cover.

We also have a new “Book Up” system which in some cases may be available to provide extended credit terms to allow the patient, on a small up-front payment to immediately have a treatment and pay off the balance over an agreed period.

Smile Now, Pay Later

Afterpay and Openpay now available!

Afterpay.png       Openpay.png

Book up Summary Terms:

  • Granting of credit is always at our complete discretion.
  • If Smile Again agrees to provide credit no charge or interest will be applied for the book up service. *see below
  • The price of treatment will be the same for services provided on credit as where full payment is made immediately.
  • At your first appointment an up-front payment will be required representing an agreed percentage of the total cost (typically 50%).
  • The balance can be paid off by weekly or monthly instalments.
  • Instalments may be paid by a direct debit from your account or from Centrelink payments if applicable.
  • The maximum book up term for a single treatment is 6 months.
  • Full terms and conditions are set out on the application form.
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Smile Again has proudly accepted and applies the following ASIC guidelines to give our patients confidence in the credit process:

  • Gives customers a written agreement that includes terms and conditions and any interest or charges that apply.
  • Doesn’t ask for or keep customers’ PIN numbers (many banking agreements prohibit traders from asking for PINs or requiring them to be disclosed as part of a book up arrangement).
  • Displays a copy of book up terms and conditions in the shop so customers are fully aware of them.
  • Gives customers receipts and an itemised statement (with dates and prices) of goods or services they have bought, including any fees and charges for the book up.
  • Charges the same price for things regardless of whether they are paid for with cash or book up.
  • Doesn’t require any customer to book up more than they will be able to pay back.
  • Allows book up customers to look at their records at any time.
  • Keeps records of purchases and money owing in a safe, confidential and secure place.

We always look forward to assisting our patients in providing affordable teeth replacement, so please feel free to discuss your payment options with us at the time of booking your appointment.

*Failure to make payments as agreed will incur an interest charge on unpaid instalments and the remaining balance which will become immediately due and payable.