Sylvia Zaszewska
Founder and Dental Technician

Fully Australian qualified, having graduated in Dental Technology and she has continued with advanced studies in digital dentistry specialising in crown & bridge and implant restorations.

Sylvia has founded Smile Again with the vision to create exceptional yet affordable teeth replacement solutions either for people coming directly to the Smile Again clinic or for patients attending the clinics of one of Smile Again's professional clients (other dental surgeries who use the Smile Again services).

Dr Stephen Zorbas

Stephen is committed to a higher standard of care for our patients and works very hard to make your surgical experience as easy as possible.

Geoffrey Wesolowski

Geoff is an experienced Dental Prosthetist and Clinical Tutor at Sydney Dental Hospital.

Geoff will work with you crafting your new smile personally while communicating with you every step. His focus is to restore your self-esteem along with your smile. This allows you to regain your total health with beautiful dentures. You will feel involved in the process at each appointment.

Alison Walton
Finance Manager

Otherwise known as Australia's No.1 Money Whisperer, Alison helps us make sure that our expertise is priced in such a way that anyone can take advantage of our help when they need it.


Our associates are highly trained, have over 15 years of experience in fixed and removable prosthetic restorations and apply exclusive techniques to produce outstanding results every day.