Smile Again is founded upon a vision to create affordable teeth replacement solutions either for people coming directly to our clinic or for patients attending the clinics of one of our professional clients (other dental surgeries who use our services).

That statement probably raises a couple of questions in your mind that we will attempt to answer.

How do you make your teeth affordable?

Digital technology allows us to be more cost effective and competitive than with traditional processes in many ways and to economise the whole procedure which enables us to pass the saving on to the patient. Also, as well as investing in the best technology and most advanced dental software , which is still not widely used in most dental surgeries and labs we keep our overheads low by choosing the right affordable location and manufacturing all prosthetics on the premises.

Doesn't 'Affordable' mean lower quality?

No, affordable means reasonably priced with our confident guarantee that the highest quality is maintained. We are very transparent with all our products, source our materials locally or from Austria and Germany and give a warranty for each prosthesis that we create. With our extensive knowledge, skills and the right utilisation of modern technology we are confident to say that our quality is unparalleled.

It says 'affordable' but I still can't afford it.

Statistics show that dental crowns/ veneers/ dentures should provide service for somewhere between 8 to 20 years, possibly a lifetime if taken care of properly. Studies have shown that the success rate of dental crowns is 75% over 20 years*

Is having brand new teeth in your life that you can eat, smile and function with worth around $5 a month?

Okay, so can I pay it off $5 a month? Unfortunately, we can’t be that generous, however we do provide payment plans that will help you pay for your treatment. Please refer to Book up Service or just ask our friendly staff to run you through your options.

What are my teeth replacement options?

Depending on your needs and budget we can replace your teeth with a full range of suitable treatments including dentures, crowns or bridges, veneers, implants or temporary clip on teeth priced to meet every budget. As a bonus,you can participate in the creation of your new smile and help to digitally design it with the technician.

Will my new teeth look natural?

Yes. We create all restorations to mimic the shape and colour of natural teeth. Sometimes it is impossible to distinguish between a crown or a natural tooth. When it comes to dentures, we can even match the colour of your gums .

Will my heath fund help?

Yes, and we will make your claim for you at the end of your appointment

*Statistics from De Becker 2007 literature review